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Sharpe's Waterloo
Sharpe's Waterloo - Starring Sean Bean
sharpe's waterloo

France 1815

Sharpe seems to have settled down for life on a tranquil French farm with his new partner Lucille when the sudden news of Napoleon's return from exile compels him to go back to the army to fight in the great Battle of Waterloo. He joins the staff of Wellington's ally, the Prince of Orange. Once again reunited with the Chosen Men, Sharpe abandons his inept commander to organise the defence of the British key positions on the farm of La Haie Sainte and plays a courageous and important role in securing one of Britain's most famous victories.


Directed by Tom Clegg
Written by Charles Wood from the novel by Bernard Cornwell
Starring Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe and Daragh O’Malley as Patrick Harper

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