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Sharpe's Regiment
Sharpe's Regiment - Starring Sean Bean
the story

June 1813

The South Essex is a depleted Regiment, and Wellington's chief of staff, Maj. Ross, receives a letter from the Secretary of State at War, Lord Fenner, informing him that the second battalion has been reduced to a holding battalion and the regiment will be disbanded.  Sharpe and Harper are sent back to England to find replacements and save the regiment.

When they arrive at Horse Guards, Sharpe hears there are 700 men at Chelmsford.  But when he gets there, he finds less than a dozen men, all too young or too disabled.  The Officer of the Day, Capt. Carline, tells him nothing, but a veteran of Talavera, Sgt. Ted Carew, is able to prove the battalion is still recruiting.  Except the new recruits haven't been seen at Chelmsford.

Sharpe's investigation is cut short by a summons to attend the Prince Regent at court.  There, Sharpe retells how he won the French eagle.  At dinner in the evening, Sharpe has a chance to tell 'Prinny' of the missing battalion.  When the Prince Regent demands an explanation, Lord Fenner stalls him, saying they only march 'on paper'.  As Sharpe leaves, he is approached by Lady Anne Carmoynes, Fenner's mistress.  Later in the evening, she tells him not to trust Fenner.

After visiting some of his old haunts, Harper finds Sharpe and warns him he is being followed.   When set upon, Sharpe and Harper kill the culprits and swap identities with them, then they go and enlist in the South Essex.  They end up at a training camp run by Col. Girdwood, where they discover that men are being auctioned to other regiments.  He also meets Sir Henry Simmerson's Niece, Jane Gibbons, who confirms his suspicions.  Sharpe has to prove the conspiracy in order to get his second battalion back to Spain in readiness for the invasion of France.

Director Tom Clegg (interviewed in 2006): I love working with Sean Bean and have great admiration for him as an actor. The part of Sharpe was made for him and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role. Sean is a very physical actor and is superb at doing all his own stunts, which makes my job so much easier.

Producer Malcolm Craddock (interviewed in 2006): Sean Bean loves this role and the character fits him like a glove. It’s unlike anything else on TV.

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