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Sharpe's Honor
Sharpe's Honor - Starring Sean Bean
the story

Spain 1813

Aided by Ducos, Napoleon is considering a plan.  All it will take is one death and one imprisonment, and Britain will leave Spain.  The Spanish nobility, generals and church will have to be in agreement and bring pressure on the deposed King of Spain to sign a treaty with France.

In a French garrison in Spain, Ducos has impounded the carriages of La Marquesa Helene Mendora.  La Marquesa is half-English, half-French and married to a Spanish General.  She is also a French spy.  Ducos promises the return of her carriages if she writes to her husband saying Richard Sharpe has forced his attentions on her.

When the Marques receives the letter he is furious and demands an apology or a duel.  Sharpe refuses to apologise as he says he doesn't know the Marquesa, and the duel is arranged.  Duels are forbidden in Wellingtons army and when discovered, it is passed off as 'sword practice'.  The same night the Marques is murdered in his bed, and the Spanish, believing Sharpe is responsible, demand retribution.  Wellington has no choice and a court marshal takes place.  Sharpe is found guilty and sentenced to hang.  Wellington, however, does not plan to lose Sharpe.

La Marquesa and her carriages are ambushed, the carriages taken and La Marquesa is put into a convent.  Maj. Nairn takes Harper out of the camp and reunites him with Sharpe.  Left with having to prove his honour, Sharpe and Harper are tasked with rescuing La Marquesa, so the British can discover the enemy’s next move.

La Marquesa: It's bloody freezing!
Patrick Harper: Must be the weather, ma’am.

Aide: Should I serve sherry to the Spanish officers, sir?
Wellington: Damn it, Stokeley, it's an execution, not a bloody christening.

Pierre Ducos: You've had it easy in this war, Helene. Fluttering your eyelashes and living in Spanish splendour with your dear husband, the Marques.
La Marquesa: I married him at Napoleon's request. I can't enjoy having him grunt all over me while I stole information for people like you.
Pierre Ducos: I never considered it.
La Marquesa: But then you've never had sex.
Peter d'Alembourd: I've been speaking with some of the Spanish officers. The Marques is a very fine swordsman. He's been taking lessons in Paris from Ouellet!
Richard Sharpe: Well, he can take lessons in Spain from me.

La Marquesa: Good bye, Raoul. Come soon! (she leaves in a coach) But then again you always do.

Father Hacha: Your husband is dead, Marquesa.
La Marquesa: I find it hard to tell the difference.
Patrick Harper: Can I ask you where we're going, sir?
Nairn: Over the hills, sergeant, and far away.
Patrick Harper: Right. Which hills and how far?
Nairn: So you believe in ghosts, do you sergeant?
Patrick Harper: I believe in God the Father, God the Son and the sidhe ridin' the wind.

Mother Superior: I hope you are well.
La Marquesa: I hope you're in excruciating pain.
Mother Superior: Father Hacha has told me of your deep desire to repent.
La Marquesa: I haven't sinned enough yet.
Mother Superior: Stop!
La Marquesa: Too late, sister. I'm off to commit adultery. Lots of it.

La Marquesa: You saved my life.
Richard Sharpe: You tried to end mine.
La Marquesa: I've never met you.
Richard Sharpe: Well, do you hear that, Pat? She's never met me.
Patrick Harper: You're bleeding, sir. Don't move.
Richard Sharpe: What about my shameful suggestions?
La Marquesa: What?
Richard Sharpe: Oh, she's denying me now, Pat. After all we've been through.
Patrick Harper: I hear her, sir.
Richard Sharpe: You think she'd remember the man who got down on his knees, drunk mind you, and crawled on her floor begging Her Ladyship to sleep with her. Bugger!
Patrick Harper: I'd remember it.
Richard Sharpe: Aye! So would I. The man lost his honour because of the lady's lies. Stripped of his rank... hung on a rope.
La Marquesa: Who are you?
Richard Sharpe: You know who I am. My name is Sharpe
Sharpe: Drunk again, Harper?
Harper: Oh, me too, sir.
El Matarife: You must count the ways of your death.
Sharpe: The dead don't count, El Matarife.
Sharpe: Bloody French on one side, partisans on the other... and we're stuck here with the woman who had me hung.
Harper: God does work in mysterious ways.
Nairn: His name was Liam Dooley. He and his brother were going to be hanged for looting a church. I made them an offer. One could live, but one would die. Liam called heads. It was a very bad call.

Ducos: You have failed me, priest.
Father Hacha: I do not understand.
Ducos: Sharpe is alive. The Marquesa is free. The English come.
Father Hacha: [frightened] Sharpe is dead. I saw him hanged.
Ducos: [shoots Hacha] You call me a liar?

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