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Sharpe's Company
Sharpe's Company - Starring Sean Bean
the story

Spain 1812

After the siege of Cuidad Rodrigo, the Dule of Wellington plans to lay siege to Badajoz.  Meanwhile, Teresa tells Sharpe he is now the father of their daughter, Antonia, who is in their target city of Badajoz.

A new draft arrives from England with Col. Windham and Capt. Rymer.  In charge of the men is Sgt. Hakeswill, a murderous figure from Sharpe's past in India.  Hakeswill becomes obsessed with Teresa and plans to use her to revenge himself on Sharpe.

Sharpe is told that the regiment no longer has a place for him as a captain, but he chooses to stay on as lieutenant and is made Quartermaster.  In a bid for promotion he requests permission to lead the Forlorn Hope when the breach at Badajoz is stormed, but he is refused.

Sharpe is given the task of guiding Capt. Rymer and the Forlorn Hope to the breach.  He watches as they are repulsed leaving many, including Rymer, dead.  Against his previous orders, Sharpe takes his Chosen Men to the breach and leads the storming.  They are successful. 

Sharpe frantically looks for Teresa, but Hakeswill gets there first, intent on raping her.  After a fight, Hakeswill is injured and flees.  Sharpe has reason to be happy, he holds his daughter for the first time and is given command of the Light Company again, together with his captaincy.  Burt will his happiness be short lived?
Teresa: All men should have daughters. It puts honey on their tongues.

Wellington: I think you're a rogue, Sharpe. But you're one of my rogues and you're on my side. I don't want you dead.

[Hakeswill tries to rape Teresa]
Hakeswill: Now open your legs ever so wide, and lie still as a dead'un!
Hakeswill: What's to happen is, you will become proper soldiers. And draw tunics of the red bright light company of the South Essex, and you will hand in your precious rifle guns and draw proper muskets to go along with being proper dressed. Fit for soldiers at last!
[speaks into his hat]
Hakeswill: Never thought you'd see it, did you, Mother? You hate me, don't you? Well, I hate you.
[speaks into his hat again]
Hakeswill: I do, I do, I do. I hates 'em! Who said that? I heard that. Mad? Oh, no, I ain't mad. Not so's I don't know.

Richard Sharpe: That rifle's loaded and rammed, Sergeant.
Hakeswill: Sir?
Richard Sharpe: Did you know, Sergeant?
Hakeswill: Me, sir? No, sir, never, sir!
Richard Sharpe: This yours, Sergeant?
Hakeswill: No, sir. Not me, sir. Him, sir. Private 'Arper, sir!
Richard Sharpe: Well how many more are loaded?
[puts rifles under Hakeswill's chin, pulls trigger, nothing happens]
Richard Sharpe: Harris!
[throws him the rifle]
Richard Sharpe: Cooper! Hagman! Perkins!
[threatens Hakeswill with Harper's volley gun]
Richard Sharpe: They say you can't be killed, Sergeant Hakeswill. It is known. 'Come with me, my lads, for I cannot die. I'm going to live for ever, for they tried to hang me once but did not do it.' I could almost believe it. Except in the case of someone you tried to kill, Sergeant Hakeswill... and did not do it. I wonder who that might be, Sergeant. You're a dead man, Obadiah. BANG!

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